TerminalMontage | TerminalMontage Details, Net Worth & Earnings

TerminalMontage has posted a total of 134 videos, with a total of 962.7 million views. There are 3.9 million subscribers to this channel.

TerminalMontage | TerminalMontage Details, Net Worth & Earnings

Jeremey Chinshue, also known as TerminalMontage on YouTube, is an English YouTuber, gamer, and animator. He is best known for his animated video game parodies known as the "Something Series" (#SomethingSeries on hashtags), which include Nintendo games like Kirby, Super Mario, and The Legend Of Zelda.

TerminalMontage is an unidentified country's YouTube channel. TerminalMontage has posted a total of 134 videos, with a total of 962.7 million views. There are 3.9 million subscribers to this channel.

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TerminalMontage | TerminalMontage Details, Net Worth & Earnings

  • Profile: TerminalMontage
  • Style: Animation
  • Date Joined: May 27, 2009
  • Instagram: @jeremeyyyyyy
  • Schedule: Unscheduled
  • Status: Active
  • May, 2009
  • 962,760,572
  • 134
  • 3,910,000
  • Country:
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TerminalMontage | TerminalMontage Details, Net Worth & Earnings

Personal information

Full name: Jeremey Chinshue

Nationality: English

Residence: Irchester, England, United Kingdom

TerminalMontage Jeremey Chinshue Face 

TerminalMontage Jeremey Chinshue Face 


Jeremey joined YouTube for the first time on May 27, 2009. On April 30, 2011, he released his first video, The Mini Blizzard Mermaid. Unlike most of his recent videos, this one was shot in real-time. This video shows Jeremey holding a Mini Blizzard Treat Cup from Dairy Queen before handing it to Gabriel the Mermaid. Following that, he posted let's Play until February 29, 2012, when he released his first animated video, "How I Got Through Dark Souls." Following that, he continued to post animated video game parodies like his "NoPUNintendo" series.

Over the years, he gradually molded his own original style through his many animated videos. In January 2018, he debuted the video game series parodies called the "#SomethingSeries." The videos he currently posts feature characters with slits for eyes and circles for hands. These characters are mostly silent, with the exception of audio from the original games.

His video titled "Legendary & Mythical Pokemon Battle Royale" is TerminalMontage's most viewed video on YouTube as of October 2021.

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Other Content

Jeremey worked on the "Side Quests" comic book series. "Join Jeff and Jeremey, two ambitious Questers, as they try to make a name and a dollar for themselves as the town heroes of Dexy's Midnight Runners!" says the description. From 2009 to 2016, this project lasted.

TerminalMontage | TerminalMontage Details, Net Worth & Earnings

TerminalMontage Youtube Channel Review

There's something special about Nintendo games.

At least, that's what TerminalMontage creator Jeremey Chinshue believes. His channel summarises those classic games (as well as a few others) with a jumble of crazy and chaotic animations, each with its own hectic twist to add humor.

Watch as Kirby's laid-back demeanor (and apparently Christian faith) saves the day. In Ocarina of Time, you'll see Link repeatedly beaten to a pulp as you realize that, despite being an adult, he still has a child's mind. Watch Mario try to outrun every obstacle that comes his way.

Positive Content

Kirbo spends Christmas passing out food and donating supplies to a homeless shelter in "A Very Kirbo Christmas." He also expresses gratitude to God for "loving us so much that you sent your son Jesus Christ so that we might have eternal life."

Despite the fact that the videos are frequently chaotic, we frequently see characters sacrificing for and helping one another.

Content Concerns

As many of TerminalMontage's video titles suggest, videos with loud noises and flashing lights are common. There will be instances of flatulence and vomiting in the videos. A censored animated character running naked was featured in one video. Characters also fight with a variety of weapons and are killed in comedic ways.

The name of God is occasionally misused. Furthermore, a running gag is that "Kirbo" (TerminalMontage's version of Nintendo's Kirby) is a devout Christian, and in his videos, he frequently pulls out a cross and quotes from the Bible to defeat the final boss. (It should be noted that Jeremey professes to be a Christian, and while some may find the depictions offensive, they are not meant to be mocking.) God says at one point that Kirbo is His favorite creation. Other characters, such as Luigi, express faith, and the two perform an exorcism to rid Mario of a "speed demon."

Younger audiences may find some animated characters frightening.

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  • He has his own
  • He is married to Vanessa Chinsue and has three children, according to Something About Zelda Ocarina of Time PART 2, Henry, Lily, and Andrew Chinsue.
  • He is a self-taught animator.
    • He received poor grades in his art classes, so his parents paid for him to take an art class.
  • Sableye is Jeremy's favourite Pokémon, as evidenced by its frequent appearances in his videos.
  • He collaborated with Butch Hartman on The Garden, a cartoon.
  • For the time being, the only videos in which Mario and Luigi do not have their Charles Martinet voice in certain parts are:
    • "Something about Smash Bros WORLD OF LIGHT ANIMATED"
    • "Something about "Super Mario World" ANIMATED"
    • "Speedrunner Mario VS Melee Fox - 1M Subscriber Special! - SOMETHING VERSUS ????????"
    • "Something About Super Mario All-Stars Speedrun ANIMATED"
    • "Something About Smash Bros THE SUBSPACE EMISSARY - 2.76M Sub Special"
    • "Speedrunner Mario VS Super Sonic (Fight scene from the 2.76M Sub Special) - SOMETHING VERSUS ????‍♂️"
  • Ganondorf has gained a lot of popularity by singing Elvis Crespo's song "Suavemente," making this the first video on his channel where a character is shown speaking in Spanish.
  • His most recent video, Something About Kirby 64, reached the top of the trending list. That is the highest rating ever given to a Something About video.
  • He is a Christian.[citation needed]
    • In most of his appearances, Kirby, or "Kirbo," plays this for laughs, as the character usually ends up defeating the final antagonist of the video using the power of Christianity. As a result, many fans began referring to him as "Christian Kirbo."

TerminalMontage | TerminalMontage Details, Net Worth & Earnings

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TerminalMontage Net Worth & Earnings

YouTube Income & Financials

TerminalMontage Net worth: $712,608

How much money does TerminalMontage make from YouTube?

Last 30 days' Earnings: $10,129 - $31,328

Average Monthly Earnings: $5,698 - $17,622

Annual Earnings: $69,323 - $214,402

Lifetime Earnings: $933,878 - $2,888,282

TerminalMontage's average earnings per video range from $6,969 to $21,554, and their net worth is estimated to be between $356.5 thousand and $791.7 thousand. The net worth is determined by a number of factors, including monthly views, country, subscribers, and user engagement. Based on these metrics, we estimate that TerminalMontage's YouTube channel earns between $5.6 thousand and $17.6 thousand per month.

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TerminalMontage Last 30 days' Earnings

Date Subscribers Views Earnings
15 Oct 3.8M 952.3M (+334,731) $325 - $1,004
16 Oct 3.8M 952.6M (+379,597) $368 - $1,139
17 Oct 3.8M 953M (+385,411) $374 - $1,156
18 Oct 3.8M 953.4M (+279,717) $271 - $839
19 Oct 3.8M 953.6M (+311,951) $303 - $936
20 Oct 3.8M 954M (+309,707) $300 - $929
21 Oct 3.8M 954.3M (+275,505) $267 - $827
22 Oct 3.8M 954.5M (+738,823) $717 - $2,216
23 Oct 3.8M 955.3M (+507,287) $492 - $1,522
24 Oct 3.8M 955.8M (+470,554) $456 - $1,412
25 Oct 3.8M 956.3M (+348,842) $338 - $1,047
26 Oct 3.8M 956.6M (+341,355) $331 - $1,024
27 Oct 3.8M 957M (+344,007) $334 - $1,032
28 Oct 3.8M 957.3M (+306,639) $297 - $920
29 Oct 3.8M 957.6M (+353,236) $343 - $1,060
30 Oct 3.8M 958M (+459,727) $446 - $1,379
31 Oct 3.8M 958.4M (+426,417) $414 - $1,279
01 Nov 3.8M 958.8M (+363,114) $352 - $1,089
02 Nov 3.8M 959.2M (+324,318) $315 - $973
03 Nov 3.8M 959.5M (+362,340) $351 - $1,087
04 Nov 3.9M 959.9M (+357,122) $346 - $1,071
05 Nov 3.9M 960.2M (+349,143) $339 - $1,047
06 Nov 3.9M 960.6M (+395,205) $383 - $1,186
07 Nov 3.9M 961M (+460,032) $446 - $1,380
08 Nov 3.9M 961.5M (+308,888) $300 - $927
09 Nov 3.9M 961.8M (+334,550) $325 - $1,004
10 Nov 3.9M 962.1M (+300,501) $291 - $902
11 Nov 3.9M 962.4M (+313,933) $305 - $942
12 Nov 3.9M
962.7M (+0)
$0 - $0


TerminalMontage | TerminalMontage Details, Net Worth & Earnings

Jeremey's videos are full of details that fans of each franchise will enjoy noticing, as well as jokes that will make them laugh. However, the chaotic videos and content contained within them may be too intense for younger audiences.