Tasting History with Max Miller: Details, Net Worth & Earnings

Tasting History with Max Miller is a United States of America YouTube channel. Tasting History with Max Miller has 172 videos on YouTube, with a total of 121.9 million views. and Details, Net Worth & Earnings

Tasting History with Max Miller: Details, Net Worth & Earnings
Tasting History with Max Miller

Maxwell "Max" Miller (born March 30, 1983 [age 39]) is an American YouTuber based in Burbank, California, who is best known as the creator and host of the culinary and history fusion web show Tasting History with Max Miller and the historic beverage web-show Drinking History. Tasting History delves into ancient recipes and the cultures that surround them.

Tasting History with Max Miller is a United States of America YouTube channel. Tasting History with Max Miller has 172 videos on YouTube, with a total of 121.9 million views. There are 1.4 million subscribers to this channel.

Tasting History with Max Miller: Details, Net Worth & Earnings

  • December 2019      
  • 121,905,215
  • 172
  • 1,460,000
  • United States of America flag United States of America
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Before YouTube

Prior to launching YouTube Max worked in musical theatre, Disney Cruise Line, audiobooks, and Walt Disney Studios for six years. In May 2014, he was hired as a Media Assistant and was promoted to Marketing Operator in August 2016.

In January 2017, he was promoted to Creative Film Marketer, and in September 2019, he was promoted to Theatrical Sales Representative of Walt Disney's Western Division. Unfortunately, he was laid off from Disney in March 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. He's been spending his time off working on his YouTube channel and online presence.

Tasting History with Max Miller Youtube Channel Review

The world is brimming with flavors. And with so many flavors, there must be millions of recipes to try. With all of those recipes, many are lost to time, and others fall out of favor as our kitchens and cultures shift away from the dishes for various reasons.

But what if you're just curious about what pirates, ancient Egyptians, or Titanic passengers ate?

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Fortunately, Tasting History with Max Miller is available to recreate these dishes using authentic (or as close to authentic as possible) recipes from the time period. Max not only creates, explains, and tastes these historical foods, but he also provides historical context for each recipe in his Time for History sections.

Positive Content

Tasting History is similar to many YouTube cooking channels. Miller will explain the ingredients, show you a video of each step of the cooking process, and give you an idea of how it will likely taste. However, part of the channel's uniqueness can be found in his unique recipes, all of which are historical in nature and many of which have fallen out of favor in our modern era (either due to lack of interest, a loss of the recipe list, or other factors).

What viewers may find surprising is that Miller focuses less on the recipe and more on the dish's history. He'll frequently provide historical context for many of his ingredients. The most extensive sections of Miller's videos are his Time for History segments, in which Max gives a brief history of the dish he is making, whether it is ice cream, tacos, or pizza. Viewers will gain an in-depth understanding of a variety of foods, as well as the opportunity to cook the historical dishes themselves.

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Content Concerns

Miller will prepare alcoholic recipes such as spiced wine and Captain Kidd's Punch. Furthermore, in a couple of Max's history sections, he briefly shows a painting with a naked woman or man (for example: In a video on the history of figs, he shows a painting of the nude Adam and Eve). Max tells of various recipes with crude names, including "Farts of a Wh-re," in the recipe "Farts of Portingale."

Max is also openly gay and married to another man. Though Max's videos are mostly content-free, he does mention his relationship in a few of them and in the comments section, such as on a video about wedding cakes.

Tasting History with Max Miller: Details, Net Worth & Earnings

Creation of his Channel

Max started his YouTube channel after a coworker suggested he start one based on his hobby of historical recipes. Max used to bring old recipes to work and have his coworkers try them out with him while working at Disney. Max was also influenced by The Great British Bake Off and how the hosts, Mel and Sue, would humorously discuss the history of the dishes the contestants were preparing.

Formula of Tasting History Episodes

Each episode begins with an introduction to the recipe and a hint of its history. Following the introduction, Max begins with the recipe, listing the ingredients and reading the historical document containing the recipe's instructions. When the recipe reaches a point where you would normally wait, such as boiling, baking, or rising, Max goes into detail about the recipe's history or its main ingredients. Max makes numerous historical references and figures in the history section of his videos.

Max then tastes and reviews the recipe after it has been completed.

Drinking History videos are shorter and more casual than his main show, with a focus on history rather than recipes. He also stated that the historical subjects in Drinking History are not required to be food-related.

Rapid Growth & Popularity

Tasting History expanded quickly. In June, the channel reached 10,000 subscribers, and a few days later, 100,000. The channel had over 500K subscribers by the end of 2020.

Max and his fiancée launched a second channel for Q&As in June 2020. In August of 2021, he launched a new show called Drinking History. Simon & Schuster is planning to release a Tasting History cookbook. In his video about the history of ketchup, he confirms that the cookbook will be released on April 25, 2023, and that digital pre-orders are now available.

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Tasting History with Max Miller: Details, Net Worth & Earnings

Personal life

Max Miller was born in Phoenix, Arizona on March 30, 1983. He earned a degree in music and vocal performance from the University of Phoenix. He worked as an audio producer at Audible from January 2011 to August 2014. Max is openly gay and has been in a relationship with his fiancé José Mendoza since 2013. Max and José are both Pokémon fans, and Pokémon plushies can frequently be seen in the background of Tasting History videos. Cersei and Jaime, their two cats, frequently appear on their second channel.

Max posted an update video on his channel on April 14th, 2021, explaining that he received a call from Disney informing him that he was no longer furloughed. Max decided to leave his job at Disney after the phone call because he believed it was impossible to do both.

Max and José officially married on October 8, 2021. They got married in Hawaii.


  • Max became interested in baking after watching The Great British Bake Off in 2014. He had no prior culinary experience.
  • He attributes the growth of his channel to his Garum episode.
  • Max is well-known for his ability to correctly pronounce words and names in a variety of languages.
  • His videos are subtitled in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.
  • His videos usually include a guest Pokémon who is inspired by a recipe or a piece of history chosen by José.
  • He only has one Pokemon plush, whereas José has over 200.
  • Max's YouTube channel is frequently compared to Alton Brown's Good Eats.
  • Max frequently sticks to recipes that are at least 100 years old, despite the fact that he has no official criteria for what recipes can be featured in an episode.
  • His favourite British recipes are from the Edwardian era.
  • His favourite animal, as revealed in his Hardtack video, is the manatee.
  • He prefers bulky Pokémon such as Blastoise, Snorlax, and Wailmer.
  • He is of Scottish ancestry, as evidenced by his Toad in the Hole video. He gets his name from the Clan Maxwell, from which his family descended.

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Tasting History with Max Miller Net Worth & Earnings

How much money does Tasting History with Max Miller make from YouTube?

Last 30 days' Earnings: $6,399 - $18,274

Average Monthly Earnings: $3,816 - $10,897

Annual Earnings: $46,429 - $132,582

Lifetime Earnings: $133,620 - $381,563

Tasting History with Max Miller's average earnings per video range from $777 to $2,218 and their estimated net worth ranges from $194.7 thousand to $453.2 thousand. The net worth is calculated using a variety of factors such as monthly views, country, subscribers, and user engagement. Based on these metrics, we estimate that Tasting History with Max Miller earns between $3.8 thousand and $10.8 thousand per month from their YouTube channel.

Last 30 days' Earnings

Date Subscribers Views Earnings
10 Oct 1.4M 116M (+234,500) $257 - $734
11 Oct 1.4M 116.3M (+183,613) $201 - $575
12 Oct 1.4M 116.4M (+233,709) $256 - $732
13 Oct 1.4M 116.7M (+292,451) $321 - $915
14 Oct 1.4M 117M (+183,427) $201 - $574
15 Oct 1.4M 117.1M (+214,068) $235 - $670
16 Oct 1.4M 117.4M (+187,329) $205 - $586
17 Oct 1.4M 117.5M (+211,239) $232 - $661
18 Oct 1.4M 117.8M (+189,861) $208 - $594
19 Oct 1.4M 117.9M (+292,487) $321 - $915
20 Oct 1.4M 118.2M (+320,634) $351 - $1,004
21 Oct 1.4M 118.6M (+387,872) $425 - $1,214
22 Oct 1.4M 118.9M (+0) $0 - $0
23 Oct 1.4M 118.9M (+369,005) $404 - $1,155
24 Oct 1.4M 119.3M (+0) $0 - $0
25 Oct 1.4M 119.3M (+175,836) $193 - $550
26 Oct 1.4M 119.5M (+254,767) $279 - $797
27 Oct 1.4M 119.7M (+459,715) $504 - $1,439
28 Oct 1.4M 120.2M (+0) $0 - $0
29 Oct 1.4M 120.2M (+151,856) $166 - $475
30 Oct 1.4M 120.4M (+292,757) $321 - $916
31 Oct 1.4M 120.7M (+0) $0 - $0
01 Nov 1.4M 120.7M (+332,790) $365 - $1,042
02 Nov 1.4M 121M (+0) $0 - $0
03 Nov 1.4M 121M (+280,214) $307 - $877
04 Nov 1.4M 121.3M (+303,155) $332 - $949
05 Nov 1.4M 121.6M (+0) $0 - $0
06 Nov 1.4M 121.6M (+130,712) $143 - $409
07 Nov 1.4M
121.7M (+156,421)
$171 - $490


Tasting History with Max Miller: Details, Net Worth & Earnings

Tasting History with Max Miller teaches viewers about each dish prepared on the channel. Viewers could learn about the history of pizza and doughnuts, see what a Roman gladiator or Templar knight ate, and even see a recipe for Parmesan ice cream from 1789. Many people will be interested in the channel's educational videos. However, as with many history channels, this one includes the possibility of seeing images of historic naked sculptures or paintings.