KTM Electric Scooter Launch Date in India 2023: Expected Price In India, and Features, Specification

KTM Electric Scooter Launch Date in India 2023: Expected Price In India, and Features, Specification
KTM Electric Scooter Launch Date in India

KTM Electric Scooter - Are you looking for a practical and stylish electric scooter? Then take a look at the KTM electric scooter! This scooter is ideal for those looking for a dependable mode of transportation without breaking the bank. Furthermore, the KTM electric scooter is expected to cost Rs. in the year 2023 in India, come in black and white colours, and be available in early 2023. So, what are you holding out for? Make your appointment today and get started.

KTM recently unveiled the KTM E-Speed electric scooter concept. The premium electric scooter known as the KTM E-Speed was on display at the Tokyo Motor Show. KTM is following the global electric vehicle trend. The new KTM Scooty is thoroughly described below. Previously, Bajaj and Pierer Mobility Group collaborated on a project to develop electric-powered two-wheelers. KTM and Bajaj collaborated on a project to develop electric scooters ranging from 3 KW to 10 KW. KTM and Bajaj will also begin production of electric scooters in 2022.

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KTM Electric Scooter Details

Name of the Bike Company KTM
Bike Name New KTM Electric Scooter
Article about KTM Electric Scooter Launch Date in India 2023: Expected Price In India, and Features, Specification
Category Automobile
website www.ktm.com

KTM Electric Scooter Price in India

KTM already has an electric bike on the market called the Freeride E-XC. Electric bikes are already available in some countries, and the company is working on developing new EVs that will appeal to a diverse range of customers. As a result, KTM and Bajaj will now collaborate on the development of electric scooters, with the KTM E-Speed scooter being the result of this collaboration.

As you can see, the concept model is quirky and futuristic. It's finished in KTM's signature orange and has a very sleek design. It has a fantastic single-sided swingarm design. The production-ready variant will look and function differently. Regardless, it will undoubtedly accompany a forceful plan and strong varieties like the other Ktm's.

KTM Electric Scooter Features

The final version will be loaded with cutting-edge features. There are LED turn indicators, LED headlamps with DRLs, and a fully digital instrument cluster. Furthermore, the new KTM Scooty's instrument panel will include built-in GSP navigation as well as smartphone connectivity.


A permanent magnet synchronous motor will power the new KTM scooty concept. It has a liquid-cooling system and a motor that produces 14.7 BHP and 36 Nm of peak torque. With this much power and torque, it should be able to reach speeds of more than 80 km/h.


According to the company, the new KTM scooter will have three power modes: 3 KW, 5 KW, and 10 KW. We've shown the top-of-the-line model, and all of the specifications apply to it. The new KTM E-Speed will have a range of approximately 64 kilometers due to its power output.

Break and Suspension

The KTM E-front Speed's wheel has 220 mm disc brakes, and the rear wheel will also have disc brakes. ABS will also be included as a safety feature in the new KTM Scooty E-speed. It will have 14-inch alloy wheels and tubeless tyres.

All suspension hardware will be supplied by the in-house brand WP. The suspension will be handled by WP forks in the front and a WP shock connected to a single-sided swingarm in the back. The new KTM Scooty E-Speed will be between 128 and 135 kilograms. in weight.

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Charging Time

The scooter is powered by an 11 kW water-cooled electric motor. The scooter's top speed is 85 km/h. The batteries have a range of 60 kilometers and can be fully charged in just two hours.

Mileage and Speed

The high-efficiency batteries have a range of 60 kilometers and can be fully charged in just under two hours if you leave the vehicle for charging. The KTM E-Speed Scooter must be started before it can be used, making it ideal for commuters. Furthermore, the manufacturer offers zero-emission driving and enhanced safety. The KTM Electric Scooter is a great, stylish, and fun two-wheeler that is also environmentally friendly. The water-cooled electric motor with 11 kW of power propels you forward at a top speed of 60 kilometers per hour. The KTM E-Speed battery has a range of 60 kilometers and can be fully charged in just two hours.

KTM Electric Scooter Specification

Due to its aggressive and stylish appearance, the new KTM product appears promising and will appeal to young buyers. Let's see if KTM can do the same in the EV market. Anything bearing the KTM badge represents excellent value for money and performance.

This KTM scooter is unlike any other boring electric scooter because it looks great and has a high power output. Despite the fact that it is a KTM, the production-spec variant will be the most eye-catching.

Battery Lithium (LFP)
Charging Time 2 Hour
Range 60 km
Power 11 kW (14.8 hp)

KTM Electric Scooter Competitors

KTM Electric Scooter Launch Date in India 2023: KTM intends to launch an electric scooter in India in 2023. Because the competition for this product will be fierce, it's critical to understand the specifications and wait time before booking your ride. To book your ride, call their customer service number or go to their website! Keep in mind that this is only an estimate, so it's always best to contact them directly to get the most up-to-date information. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your dream trip to India and reserve your spot on the KTM electric scooter today! The KTM Electric Scooter Ola S1, Ather 450X, Ampere Magnus EX, Simple One, Hero Electric Optima, Bounce Infinity E1, and Okinawa Praise Pro.

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KTM Electric Scooter Colour

KTM electric scooters are a great option for a fun and easy way to get around. They come in a variety of colours and have numerous features that set them apart from the competition. You can easily schedule an appointment online, and the wait time is usually brief. If you want to buy one, make sure to look at the estimated price and colour first!

KTM is a concept electric scooter that comes in just one colour: KT's signature orange.

KTM Electric Scooter Launch Date

This year, electric scooters are set to dominate the market! You can reserve your scooter by going to their website or calling +91 9982 205 555! So, what are you holding out for? Get an electric scooter and conquer the world. In India, the KTM Electric Scooter is expected to cost Rs. 1.50 lakh. When will the KTM Electric Scooter be available? The KTM Electric Scooter is expected to be launched in February 2023.

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How To Book KTM Electric Scooter?

Do you want to feel the rush of riding a KTM electric scooter? You don't have much longer to wait! The electric scooter is expected to launch in India soon, so book your ride now. Not to mention the scooter's numerous impressive features, such as its excellent mileage rates of up to 60 kilometers per charge. Finally, expect a long wait - it is expected to draw large crowds very soon.

  • Select Bike and Dealerships. Choose the colour of the scooter you want to ride. After that, enter your address to find a dealership near you.
  • Fill in the blanks with your information. Enter your personal information such as your name, phone number, email address, and address.
  • Add Payment Information. Choose your preferred payment method.
  • And then make a payment and reserve your bike.

KTM Electric Scooter Waiting Time

Do you want to find the best way to get around town? If so, you should look into the KTM electric scooter! In the coming years, this top-selling product in India is expected to increase its market share. Why? Because it has many unique features that set it apart, such as its mile range (270 kilometers), unique design, and adjustable seat height. To find out how to get on the waiting list or to find out how much an Electric Scooter will cost, click here!

You are largely to blame for the motorcycle's delay. Another important consideration is how much interest there is in the motorcycles of your choice. If a motorcycle is in high demand, there may be a long line. The average wait time for all bikes is three months.

KTM Electric Scooter Price and Variants

KTM's fashionable electric scooter is expected to cost between 1.4 and 1.5 lakh Indian rupees (Ex-Showroom). This new scooter will be costly due to its high-quality hardware components. If the price falls below this range, KTM will be forced to reduce its inventory of expensive equipment. The new KTM e-Scooter has an excellent urban mobility design. It fits between the wheels and has a small footprint, making it easy to maneuver through congested urban areas. In Karnataka, the KTM electric scooter costs between 1.50 lakhs and 2.50 lakhs.


The KTM electric scooter is the latest market craze, and it is expected that demand for this scooter will grow exponentially in the coming years. If you intend to enter the electric scooter market, you should be aware of the specifications and features of the KTM electric scooter. Please read our blog to learn everything you need to know about this exciting scooter. Furthermore, our website contains a comprehensive guide on how to book your scooter and get the best waiting time. Don't put it off any longer; start planning your trip right away!